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Internationally acclaimed pianist, composer and actress, is known all over the world as "The People's Pianist". Her repertoire ranges from classical masterpieces to contemporary styles including Smooth Jazz, New Age, and rock . She has traveled the world and entertained our military troops overseas on numerous occasions. Oksana was born in Russia and moved to Florida in 1993 with her family. She is a piano performance graduate and scholarship recipient of Florida State University.


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Oksana's husband/manager, Alex, does something very special for Oksana on her birthday each year. I was honored that he saw my dolls on the Internet and commissioned me to do a Look Alike for her.

Alex has always envisioned to have a line of dolls of Oksana among the several signature products made available under the Oksana brand name.


Oksana in Alabama


Thinking she was coming to Huntsville for a concert and a request for her to wear her beautiful red satin dress, he presented the doll, a miniature piano and a beautiful cake to her after the concert. The couple stayed with me in my home over the weekend and we established a very close bond in a short time. They are both so humble and warm. As my Mother would say "The Salt of the Earth" type people.








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Oksana in Alabama


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