All dolls are hand poured with the finest porcelain, hand painted with china paints and fired multiple times.  They are hand polished and very smooth to the touch. Some of the dolls have glass eyes and some painted eyes. I personally prefer the painted eyes as they are softer and more natural looking. 

Each doll can be special ordered with your preference of clothing, color and wig.
The cost will be slightly higher for special orders.

Some of the dolls are sculpted first in clay and are Little Reb Originals.
I make a waste mold of my sculpt and then, send the finished piece to my mold maker, Rick Van Hellen to make a production mold. 

I have my own line of dolls, “Little Reb Lady Dolls” Any doll on this site can be made to your specifications.

Stands are not included and are $9. Made of wood with a dowel for insertion.
Makes the doll sturdy and will not fall over.

Below are some of the dolls for adoption that are on special. They are “one of a kind”. No two dolls are exactly alike. A certificate of authenticity and appraisal value comes with each doll.

Prices do not include price of Shipping and Handling

Original Creations by Little Reb - Lady Dolls


Midge as an Angel



"Midge as Marie Antoinette"


"Debbie as Marie Antoinette"


"Jamie Marie, the Movie Star"

$ 895

"Judith Mermaid"


"Judith Limited Edition"


"Pin Up Judith with Navy Custom"

$495 (Reg $595)

"Pin-Up Oksana "

$395 (Reg. $495)

"Pin Up Judith"

$495 (Reg $620)

"Oksana in Red concert Gown"

$495 (Reg. $595)


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